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I Am Sorry Boy!


I Am Sorry Boy!

“I am sorry, but things just didn’t click well between us both. I just cannot stand bad body odor at any cost. I hope you will not mind it and use a good deodorant like Adiction from now on for a long lasting and strong fragrance.”

These were her words when she broke up with me after 6 months of social media love.

We met over social media last year and used to talk to each other all the time. Eventually, we began falling for each other and decided to meet after a long period of 3 months. We decided to see each other for lunch at a renowned restaurant in her city.

I wore a white shirt and black trouser with a grayish waistcoat that day, while she wore a red dress and looked stunning. It was a hot, summer day and I began sweating like always. We had just started getting to know each other when something uncalled for happened. Soon, she was in my arms in the rage of love, but she pulled herself away hastily and said goodbye. I was shocked by her sudden reaction and asked her the reason for her rude behavior. That’s when she said it was due to my body odor.

Well, she left that day but taught me an important lesson for the lifetime in a rude way. I believe we should have a nice way of telling people they have bad body odor without hurting their feelings; like, “I am bored, let us go and buy you some deodorant.”

After all this, I am a changed person now. I give great importance to my body odor now. I am no more with my internet love and I think, “Social media is really an amazing tool, but it is the face-to-face interaction that makes a long-term impact.”

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