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I Feel Happy After Using Adiction Deodorant


I Feel Happy After Using Adiction Deodorant

After my exams, I planned to meet my cousins and booked my air tickets. Right after completing my exam, I had to catch the flight in evening. I was over-excited and did not want to miss my flight. I packed my bags, booked a cab and rushed to the airport. By the time I reached the airport, my body started sweating excessively. This made me a bit conscious and I could not dare to sit near a girl in the lounge while waiting for my flight.

When I boarded the plane, I noticed that the passenger sitting next to me was a girl. I really feel embarrassed to sit next to a girl with sweat patches on my shirt. To avoid such situations, I always use deodorant and perfumes but they are not of any help in long hours. After half an hour, I raised my hand to switch off the light and the girl sitting next to me made faces. I could figure out that she reacted in such a way due to my bad body odor.

Finally, I reached my cousin’s place and we decided to visit various places. Next day again, I faced the same experience. Noticing my situation, my cousin gave me his Adiction deodorant bottle. I used it and felt the difference. After using Adiction deodorant once, I did not need to use it throughout the day as it is strong smelling and long lasting.

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