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I Love Playing Cricket with My Friends


I Love Playing Cricket with My Friends

Cricket is worshiped in our country. Since childhood, I have always enjoyed the game with my friends. I had posters of my favorite cricketers in my room. Every evening, I played cricket with my friends in the playground. While playing, my friends used to tease me for the stinking smell and sweat patches on my shirt. At times, I felt embarrassed and tried to hide the sweat patches but the smell was uncontrollable. I used various deodorants to control my body odor but they were helpful only for a few hours.

Last week, one of my friends bought two tickets of IPL match and offered one to me. Both of us are really passionate about cricket and we just wished to meet our favorite cricketers. We reached the stadium before time with a wish to meet our favorite players. We took our seats and the IPL match started in the afternoon. It was a hot day and my body started sweating. I avoided raising my hands as the people sitting next to me were feeling quite uncomfortable due to the smell of my body.

While returning home, my friend told me about Adiction deodorant. Next day, I bought the same and started using it. While playing with my friends in the evening, one of them praised me for my body odor. I felt quite happy and played well that day.

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