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Impress Your Friends by Using Adiction


Impress Your Friends by Using Adiction

Being a college student, I was enamored by the party scene around me. Unfortunately, I had no girlfriend to hangout with and I was similar to a couch potato. All my friends had girlfriends and went for partying almost every weekend. I was always ignored by the girls due to my unpleasant body odor. This unpleasant smell just embarrassed me at every social gathering.

Once in a musical event in college, a girl complained me about the foul smell produced from my body. After this incident, I felt uncomfortable in facing that girl and hesitated from being a part of any group. To get rid of the unpleasant smell, I searched various brands of deodorants. Through advertisement, I came to know about Adiction deodorant and bought one for me. After using Adiction, I felt refreshed due to its soothing fragrance. It is strong smelling and long lasting.

The pleasant aroma of the deodorant improves my body odor and gives me the confidence to go out with my friends. Now, I feel excited to go to movies and parties with my friends. It has a great smell and even girls love it. I met a girl in one of my friends’ party who approached me and said, “Wow, you smell great.” In this way, we interacted with each other and finally got into a long conversation. After knowing each other, we started meeting often and turned into good friends. We enjoyed our relationship for 5 years and finally decided to get married last month.

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