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Shoes-Shorts Combination

Impression: Shoes-Shorts Combination


Impression: Shoes-Shorts Combination

What shoes should you wear with shorts? This is a problem for most men. Guys just cannot afford to keep getting their jeans wet either due to sweat or dirty water every time they step out. Summer and monsoons call for shorts. But if you’re meeting the girlfriend’s friends or cousins, going to a dinner, or heading to your favorite bar, combining shorts with suitable footwear can be a headache.

Here are some of the best shorts-friendly shoes.

Boat shoes

These shoes are not just for the boat deck, but will make you step out in style.



They’re always classy but not strictly formal. Lace-ups blend perfectly with shorts and you’ll always look cool and feel confident.


Dressy sneakers

The white soles make formal wing tips casual enough for shorts and sleek enough for any occasion. They allow for a comfortable commute as well.



Flip-flops are best kept for the locker room. Wear colorful shorts and matching sandals at the beach, you will definitely turn heads!


Image Courtesy: bravoguefiles, blogtrashness, staticpexels, siblingswithstyleboh, allisvintage

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