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It’s all about the party


It’s all about the party

The party is always on our minds, especially when it is the beginning of the new year. Parties are fun, thrilling and exciting. Dance and music is always the best part of the party night. Life is full of happiness and joy. Think of a recent party you were in or a bash you always want to be a part of. You are dancing madly, happy and content, alcohol makes you a wild animal. The more you drink, the more you will have fun and will be the center of attention. Ladies around you are attractive, hot and beautiful. You see a woman staring at you, with no chance to miss, you smiled and co-incidentally she smiled back.

What a delight!

The inner nodes of the brain dazzle up sending shine on your face. A step forward you reach out to her, offer to buy her a drink. Conversation pops up and everything around you is beautiful, she is interested in every word of yours and smile is the way of her reciprocation. It’s midnight and she is about to leave. You accompany her outside, out of the club and you are sweaty. Damn!! You forgot to wear a mask of deodorant and the smell is furiously killing the healthy conversation of yours, sending the bad impression and your new profound relationship is about to break before it starts. Her nasal cavity sensed the danger molecule of whiff in the air, the impact of which broke the bond made in the night of heavy music. Wish you could have cared to carry a bottle of deodorant.

Just don’t repeat this mistake in actuality.

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