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Jeans Or Nothing


Jeans Or Nothing

Ever wondered when they went from just one fit & style to many?

It all started back in 1800s, when American gold miners needed clothes that were durable and strong. So, the miners were supplied with denims that were designed to last longer.

Denim became so popular that even the Hollywood stars started wearing them. This intense love for denim didn’t stop there and crossed all the geographical boundaries to reach the mass.

The fashion industry has developed a lot and so has the jeans. As there are so many styles out there it is quite confusing to pick up the right type of your body shape.

Don’t you worry now! We are here to brush up your fashion dilemmas about jeans.


Flare jeans are typically worn with the ankle length cowboy boots. Flare-cuts ideally start below the waist and gradually become wider as the fabric runs down the ankle giving one a perfect cowboy look. The cut suits most body types and long height adds a lot to the look of the wearer.

Wide Leg

Wide legs fit jeans are perfect for guys who don’t want to reveal the shape of their lower body. If you are the one who enjoys sporting the epitome of ill fits then go for wide leg fit jeans. Though they tightly hug the natural waist, the thigh part of wide leg jeans are often baggy.

Low Rise

Low-rise jeans sit well and rest on the hip bones, however, low-rise jeans can either be straight, slim, or wide leg. It’s advised to wear low-rise jeans with long tees and shirts only if you don’t want unwanted eyes at your backside gap.


It is known to be the best fit for slim and average height men as the slender cut makes a person appear taller than he is in actual. Always wear it with a body hugging tee and you are all set to steal hearts at the party.


Still confused?

Straight-cut have the classic look and compliment most body structures easily. The straight fit jeans are straight right down to the ankles from your waist. Straight cuts are always appreciated by every fashion enthusiast as they are known to compliment any type of upper wear.

Hopefully, by now you know which pair of jeans will suit your body. Well, one more thing to remember, once you find a pair that fits you like never before. Buy more pairs of the same size because a good pair is really hard to find.

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