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Leave Her Heart Wounded This Winter With Your Strong Impression & Adiction!


Leave Her Heart Wounded This Winter With Your Strong Impression & Adiction!

Winter is coming and almost all of us have cupid in our hearts, ready to shoot the love arrow this season. Every date is different and should be a memorable one. You never know when a casual meeting turns into a love date. We all struggle to look stunning for each type of date so that the love arrow hit the right corner of the heart.

The Blind Date
Never forget that the first impression is the last impression. Dress up like you literally mean it. Put your best forward and look better than the crowd. When it comes to blind dates, how you dress up is how you will be perceived by the other person. Dress up sharp and clean, but keep your arrogance aside. A little mystery is always good, so do not forget to leave something to talk about in your next meeting.

The Dance Date
The best way to dress up for a dance date, when you are visiting a club is to get that raw denim, your favorite shirt, and sneakers. It is this perfect mix of casual and cool wear to keep your confidence up and mark an impression. Don’t forget to show some moves, it actually helps my dear friend.

The Candlelight Dinner Date
If it is a classic candlelight dinner, then you ought to look classy yourself. I bet nothing could be more romantic than being a guy in the black and white suit with a red bow tie, opening the door for his lover like a gentleman.

The Coffee Date
Going for a casual date?
Dress up lightly. Pull on navy blue shorts; paired up with a white V-neck t-shirt, trusted Vans-type shoes and best of your shades. You could even wear crisply ironed khakis and simple plaid shirts to give a taste of fashion to your style.

The Staying-Over Date
If you are staying over at your lady love, you have to make sure to keep it relaxed. A pink shirt over your best blue denim along with a hint of the fantastic fragrance of Adiction deodorant should do the trick to make you the most desirable person that night.

The Long Drive Date
Long drives are the real boosters of any love story. Do not leave any loophole in order to mark your presence while she is with you in those special moments.

Keep the look semi-casual, wear a light color simple plain shirt with slim fit trousers and brogues. Gel up your hair to carry a feeling of freshness and impress your date while you enjoy the drive with her. She will definitely be mesmerized to see you so perfectly dressed for her.

Do you wish to look the best for your date?

Here is the best tip for you: – One can never look awesome if his confidence is low, so be confident!

Wish you good luck this winter season!

Image Courtesy: hypnotizehisheart

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