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Long Lasting Hero with Zabardast Impression


Long Lasting Hero with Zabardast Impression

I just do my duty, don’t make me a hero”, spoke Shikoya Norgay, 26 years old local mountain photographer and a life saver as he showed some of his masterpieces to me.

The almost dead camera needed some electric potion so he took me to the remotest chaiwala on earth. We were in Khumbu that lies in the Everest region where all the supplies, including batteries for Norgay’s camera, have to be flown in. The chaiwala and few others greeted Norgay and gave me a decent look. The shop was actually a temporary establishment or I would say a mountainous counterpart of our own ghumtis in plains. Chona, the ghumti owner at once declared, “Madam you are with the right person, he is our khushbudaar hero we want you to write about our local hero”. I smiled and thanked him for guiding me. I loved the phrase “khushbudaar hero”.

With the first sip, I broke out the melancholy silence in the Everest, “So, Norgay, how do you do it…I mean the photography and the live saving thing at the same time”.

Well, photography is my passion and saving lives is my duty”, said the humble hero. Norgay is one of those heroes who saved the lives of hundreds of people when the massive earthquake shook the gigantic mountains in April 2015.


I was casually clicking some pictures of the rarest flora and fauna found in the Khumbu valley that was supposed to be printed in an encyclopedia when suddenly I felt the tremors. My friends were with me.” I heard Norgay with never ending curiosity.

Avalanches, landslides and mayhems…were all I could hear, people running in chaos and suddenly I thought the sky had fallen”, recalled Norgay pointing towards the sky. Norgay and bunch of his friends survived as they were little far from the mainly affected area.

When I think of people under big rocks or buried in the ice, I get those Goosebumps”. Norgay and his friends rescued mountaineers and other people at base camps and saved hundreds of lives. Norgay even asked the local residents from the far off village to help the refugees with food, clothes and shelter.

I still get the letters from the people around the world…who we helped, it feels great. I will never leave this place, you never know when you might be needed again”, said Norgay with spark in his eyes. Guys, this place is like more than freezing with minimum supplies and extremely harsh climatic conditions.

Norgay, do you shower?” I joked…yes I dared think of bath in freezing temperatures.

No, I am planning…I have booked the tickets for Kathmandu” he giggled.

Then how you stay so fresh and fragrant and got the name ‘khushbudaar hero’?” I personally felt inquisitive because Norgay was among the best smelling men on Earth.

Well, that’s a secret”, he said as he checked something inside his bag. He surprised me with a deodorant bottle “and that is my secret…It’s a must supply for me. I am appreciated for smelling good. A famous mountaineer from Mumbai introduced me to the deodorants five years back. It was a new thing for me and for my people. But I loved it and my people are addicted to my fragrance”.

So what our hero likes the most about his deodorant” I again peeped.

It’s the long lasting fragrance and zabardast impression it makes on people I meet” he said with confidence.

And that is how even I am going to describe the hero of my story: Long lasting with zabardast impression.

Image Courtesy: Leurs vies rêvées, Indian Tea Culture.

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