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Make way for love with Adiction: Part I


Make way for love with Adiction: Part I

Aren’t you tired of hearing those, “love hurts” quotes? Do you really think “love hurts”? If you believe so, then I guess you haven’t felt the pain of loneliness, rejection, or maybe losing someone special. These are the things that hurt the most. Making life complicated, and confusing these things with love, you’re just giving the sweetest feeling on the earth a bad reputation. Try going deep down your memory lane and rethink about love. You’ll find it to be the only feeling that doesn’t hurt.

Being a nerd, it was always difficult for me to handle these socializing situations. Even after giving the best to be a part of the group, we are claimed to be unfit for it. Bullying and teasing are the extra bonus that accompanies, along with the humiliation and loneliness. Life is harsh and we have developed the habit of living this way. In order to save ourselves from more troubles, we don’t bother about correcting the wrongs.

However, I should really be thankful to the social media sites. Here, I’m free to choose my friends and no one actually makes fun of me. These websites are cool, and it keeps me away from all the unwanted souls of life. I’m a big photography fan and Instagram is one of the social media platforms, which excites me a lot and helps me keep going throughout the day.

Things were going as it is and I was busy with my unhappy life, until this incident happened. Me and my crush study in the same college, but never did I dare to send her a follow request on Instagram. But that day, I couldn’t wait and just to check her pictures, I sent her the request. A notification immediately popped up on my phone screen showing that my follow request has been accepted. The instant response gave me enough confidence to drop a “hey…” in her direct message feed. My message wasn’t responded immediately, but I eagerly waited for another couple of hours. Alas! It happened and she finally replied. Without creating any haze and with extreme carefulness, I replied her back.

Slowly and gradually our conversation increased and we finally agreed to meet…

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