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Make way for love with Adiction: Part II


Make way for love with Adiction: Part II

Slowly and gradually our conversation increased and we finally agreed to meet. (contd…)

Well, at this moment of my life, I was both,happy and nervous at the same time. Never had I been on a date, what am I going to do? Thoughts, which I had been avoiding all through, once again started erupting on my mind. Fear of getting rejected and then being ridiculed at college, life suddenly went berserk.

As the days passed and the date to meet her came closer, I became a lot more uncomfortable. Although unwillingly, but I thought of calling off the meet.However, she was the one who I’ve aspired of and dumping this opportunity would have been sheer foolishness. Looking at the brighter side of this new bonding, sabotaging this new relation was something I couldn’t even dream of. Thus, giving up on my insecurities, I tried to reform myself into a completely different persona.

That morning, as usual, I started the day with a little workout. Since personality is always depicted by the attire one wears and the aura he carries, therefore I chose my favorite Tee and the cleanest pair of jeans. Deodorant has always been a must for me as you gain a lot more confidence when you smell good. So, I never step out without putting on my favorite AdictionXtra Strong deodorant.After doing all the necessity from my end, I stepped out with much more confidence.

On the way, I picked up flowers and a box of chocolates. Finally, I reached the point where we had decided to meet. Sitting on the bench nervous and happy, I was eagerly waiting for her to arrive.

She was late, but it was worth the wait.

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