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Make way for love, with Adiction: The Finale


Make way for love, with Adiction: The Finale

She was late, but it was worth the wait. (contd…)

Finally, when I saw her arrive, it made my heart pound rise. She greeted me “Hi!” but I was already flattered by her smile. She looked beautiful as always and it was again making me helpless. However, holding onto my nerves, I gave her the chocolate and the flower, which I had brought for her. She said “thank you” in the sweetest possible way, while I was talking to myself, “wow, she’s adorable, I don’t have a shot before she”.

She said, “Shall we order something, I’m dying of hunger”. With utmost chivalry, I asked her “what would you like to have”? She said something light yet filling. Waiting for the food and we started talking and out of curiosity, I asked her, “Did you have any second thoughts, before showing up today”? I know this was awkward, but having no control over my mind, I absurdly popped this question in front of her. She was brutal in her reply; she straight away said “yes” and passed a scorn. I didn’t find this move attractive and started feeling very displeased. Looking at my state, she started to explain and finally said why she agreed to meet.

She said, spending late nights texting me, she found me very interesting. She also mentioned that I am not fake, unlike the rest, and this was something she liked the most in me. Listening to someone appreciate me was something very rare and this really made me feel delighted.

The conversation ticked on, and I was suddenly anxious when she asked if I’m interested in her? My brain suddenly stopped working and with no appropriate answers coming on my brains, I told her the truth, the exact feelings that I had for her. This time, no scorns were passed, neither did she make any fun, instead, I could see the contentment in her smile. Although, she didn’t say in the first time, but I knew that I had clutched the dream girl of mine.

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