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Making her mine is my new Adiction


Making her mine is my new Adiction

Every girl dreams of a guy, who can make her feel special in a million ways. Right from the beginning to the end she craves for that someone, who will stand by her side, even at the worst of days.Guys on the other hand, even after trying the best fail to stand a chance in this wish list of the girls. So, what is the x-factor that you miss on which can stop her from including you in the wish list?

  • Be her first and the last well-wisher

Dropping an early good morning message will always make her feel special and wanted.It will ensure that you really like her and will ignite a spark that help your efforts evolve into a warm relationship. On the other hand, always bear a little unrest and be available to comfort her even in the late and lonely hours.

  • Casual dates can always transform into the most romantic affairs

Invite her for a movie, but please don’t be a pervert and make her uneasy. Be the one, whom she can cuddle without any hesitations and the shoulder that she loves to rest on. Your attributes towards her determine the bond she shares with you.

  • Interfere her in working hours

Listening to someone attracts more attachment rather than simply involving in a boring conversation. Phone calls may sound a little old, but remember, “old is always gold”. Thus, call her every time you want, make her feel that she’s missed by you. However, a balance should be maintained and calling her frequently should also be refrained. You never know, your extra involvement, might turn out to be a little creepy.

  • Don’t give up on the chivalry

Be it your 100th date with her, you should always follow a particular dating code. Never ask a girl out on a text, call her or tell her in person. This shows that you still respect her and she’s still holds the same place in your heart. If you consider yourself a prince than make sure the girl you date is no less than a princess.

However, a guy should also know how to dress up and present himself before asking a girl. A good deodorant is a bonus; therefore never forget to pick Adiction Xtra Strong deodorants with a long lasting and strong fragrance, if you’re losing on the fragrance factor.

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