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Men Grooming- Taking Care of Guybrows


Men Grooming- Taking Care of Guybrows

One of the first things that catch our attention, apart from a beaming smile, are the eyebrows. To adorn the best pair of eyebrows that reflect your personality, we have a few tips for you.

1. Consider taking recommendations from a groomer or a friend flaunting great brows for reference, but certainly don’t ask a woman.

2. Don’t wax but tweeze. Tweezing is better as it permits you to see progression. Whereas, waxing on the other hand, makes it obvious that it’s been done.

3. Let your unibrows stay where they are, till a certain age as addressing the unibrows is greatly age-specific.

4. Invest in a good gel for your eyebrow. It helps keep your brows going in one direction and if you have some greys it can give them a tinted shade.

5. After getting your brows done, don’t forget to bring down the shine. One way to immediately fix this is to apply a mattifying gel between the brows.

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