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Men's accessories

Men’s accessories


Men’s accessories

Do’s and Don’t s

 Men’s accessories. 


  1. Wear a tie in proper fashion, a fat or messy knot would certainly send a bad fashion statement.
  1. Wear matching cufflinks, match the colour of cufflinks with that of the tie or shirt.
  1. Wear clean and polished shoes, as it depicts confidence and hygiene.
  1. Wear stylish and sober ties, as this could make you look attractive.
  1. Shine your shoes.
  1. Wear a knot that compliments the shirt collar.
  1. Carry keys and change in less number, as this could bulge your pocket.

Don’t s 

  1. Avoid dressing up your hand, like a bride, if you want wear one ring on each hand.
  1. Wearing more than one Chain or necklace.
  1. Wearing belt with suits, will ruin the charm of the suit.
  1. Tucking your tie in the pants.
  1. Wearing a belt and suspender together.
  1. Wear a neck-tie below the belt line.

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