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Rohit Khandelwal

Mr. World title of 2016 is a result of Rohit Khandelwal’s Adiction


Mr. World title of 2016 is a result of Rohit Khandelwal’s Adiction

“I feel so privileged and humbled to be Mr. World 2016. I would like to thank all my fans and all the people who have been giving me all their blessings. It is only your love and support that has been my inspiration to win Mr. World 2016. It has been an amazing journey to this point, and I cannot wait to see what happens next,” said Rohit Khandelwal after winning the title.

The title of Mr. World was chimerical for us as Indians. He is the first Asian, Indian of course, to win this title. The journey from Hyderabad to Mumbai and from a technical support executive to Mr. World was not a cake walk. He worked as a ground staff employee and joined Dell technical support but his adiction to achieve something in his life was so strong that nothing could deter him from breaching his goals.

Anyone of us can develop a robust and majestic personality and all we need is hard work, passion, consistency, and adiction to come up like a bright shining star.

To develop good personality one has to take care of a few things like:

  1. Be positive
  2. Be a good listener
  3. Be courteous and humble
  4. Be humorous
  5. Be confident and work on your body language
  6. Check your attire

One thing I would like to suggest here that most of the celebrities follow is –wear spell bounding smell. Yes! Smell good to impress people around you. If you are confused then I would recommend Adiction deodorant. The strong fragrance of Adiction will compliment your attire and leave an everlasting impression on people.

The day is not far when you will be reaching the pinnacle of success, impressing everyone around just like Mr. World ‘Rohit Khandelwal’ did this year.

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