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My Dance Classes are Really Interesting


My Dance Classes are Really Interesting

Since my childhood, I love to dance. Noticing my interest in dance, my mother got me enrolled in dance classes near my home. I continued to learn various dance forms for 3 years. Throughout the day, it was the most interesting activity for me. I am always excited to go for the classes and spend there as much time as possible. One day I noticed that I spend a couple of hours in my dance classes but I had no good friends.

I know that there are people of my age group and they are very frank with each other. I tried to interact with them number of times but they always ignored me. Initially, I felt bad and then did not try to make friends. I just focused on new dance styles and techniques. One day I came to know that our dance academy was organizing an event where we had to dance with our partners.

As I had no friends, I was worried about who would be my partner in the event. I knew that everyone disliked me because of my bad body odor. Through someone, I came to know about Adiction deodorant. While returning home, I bought Adiction deodorant and used it before going for classes. I noticed that day two of my friends came to me and praised me for my deodorant. In fact one of them got ready to be my partner for the performance and we got the second prize in the event.

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