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My First Interview


My First Interview

With all the certificates in my folder, I went for my first interview. I was supposed to reach the office by 11 o’ clock. I took the shortest route in order to reach the office on time. Due to some procession, the streets were packed and I was getting late. I was riding a two-wheeler so I managed to change my route. It was a hot sunny day and by the time I reached office, my body was sweating and the sweat patches were very much visible on my shirt.

The stinking smell of the sweat really discouraged me right before the interview. I hesitated in sitting next to the other candidates so I chose a corner seat. After few minutes, someone asked me to move to the other room where a girl was sitting next to me. While filling the form, I noticed that the girl was giving me weird looks. This made me more conscious and I shifted my chair.

When I went for the final round, I was too conscious. My focus was not on the questions asked to me. The stinking smell made the situation awkward for me and I could not freely answer the questions. Although I did well in the written test, I could not give my best in the final round. After returning home, I discussed the whole thing with my cousin. He gave me a bottle of Adiction deodorant and advised me to use it. From the next day, I started using the deodorant before moving out from home. It keeps me refreshed throughout the day.

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