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My First Job and New Experience


My First Job and New Experience

Last month I started my first ever job. On my first day, I noticed everyone was very well dressed in office. This motivated me to dress up more professionally and I tried my best. Some of my colleagues gave me compliments for my dressing sense. This made me happy and boosted my confidence too but still, I had no friends in office.

While returning home, I noticed that no one was interested in sitting next to me in the cab. It was such an embarrassing moment for me. I realized that my colleagues were ignoring me due to my bad body odor. As soon as I reached home, I took bath to improve my body odor. But this did not help me and I tried various perfumes and deodorants.

I searched for diverse products and came to know about Adiction deodorant. I read the reviews and was quite impressed. I bought it and started using it before going to the office. From that day, I noticed that no one hesitated in sitting next to me. Moreover, I got compliments from girls which made my day. I am so happy to use Adiction deodorant as I don’t need to bother about my body odor now. After using the deodorant once in a day, I can stay out for hours.

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