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My Passion, My Adiction


My Passion, My Adiction

I was in 5th standard when my class teacher asked me what I wanted to become. I, being a confident child, responded with a big determined smile, “I want to be a dancer”.

I was highly fascinated by dancing, since my childhood. Watching television and seeing the dancers sway like the wind never failed to put an impression on me. Coming from a middle-class family, my parents always emphasized on my studies. For them, a teacher’s profile is the best suitable profession for a girl and anything beyond that was out of the question. But, I could never come to like the idea of me becoming a teacher. I have always dreamt of becoming a dancer and have tried to put in my best efforts towards the same.

I started to dance at a very young age. I used to go to my dancing classes daily and not miss them for even a day. I have given my days and even nights to fulfill my desire. Convincing my folks was also a challenge. But, I took the challenge and convinced my parents of how passionate I was. Seeing my determination and conviction, my parents gradually started supporting me. Now, with my parents by my side, there was no stopping for me.

Recently I participated in a reality show and fortunately got selected in the finals. My life took a beautiful turn and I could finally see my dream shaping into reality. In this journey of mine, what I have learned is, if you are passionate about doing something, let there be any obstacle, nothing can stop you. Your adiction and your passion are the driving forces to get you to your destination, unleash their power and be an achiever.

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