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Only your true friend will tell you this!


Only your true friend will tell you this!

Running on the tracks is the only thing in the world that ignites me. I think I was born just to be an athlete.  I study in one of the best colleges of Delhi and always preferred sports to studies. Though I was the state level athlete, it was not easy for the college coach to select me during the admission process because there were three athletes and he had to choose only one. Finally, I was chosen after three days of trials he referred my name to the admission committee and I proved him right by winning the best athlete award of the University for next two consecutive years and also getting selected for the nationals.  Any person in this world is known either for good or bad. People knew me for both the reasons as I had incredible running skills and bad body smell. It was last summer that I came to know about this bad and ugly reason.

Once we had a birthday party for a very close friend. I was supposed to be there by evening but I told them that I would come late as I would be busy practicing for the Intra-University championship that will happen next week. That evening I practiced little more from usual days and as a result, I was sweating badly. I rushed to my home to get ready after my practice session. I took a quick bath and reached the club.

My friends were so excited to see me there. The party was going great but after some time I realized that everyone is ignoring me and nobody is interested in sitting near to me. Initially, I thought that it is just my illusion but later when almost everyone started ignoring me, I was shocked by their behavior. This broke my heart.

After some time the birthday boy came to me “Hey Suraj, why you are sitting alone here? Come join us on the dance floor.”

I did not reply him and finished my soda can in one gulp.

He quickly realized that something is wrong and ordered two drinks for us and set down near me. “OK, tell me what happened? Why are you so upset?”

I told him everything in detail.

He laughed and kept his arm on my shoulder “Look, Suraj, I am your friend and only your friend can say this to you. Please do not mind.”

“Did you take bath after your practice session and before coming here?” he asked while offering me a drink.

“Hell yeah, obviously”, I assertively replied.

He calmly said “I am sure then you haven’t applied any deodorant after bath”

I was shocked “How do you know?” I asked.

He took a large sip of his drink and said “Because you stink, I mean not every time but after your practice session you really smell bad and even a bath is not able to cover up that bad smell of sweat from your body”

It took me few seconds to digest what he just said.

“Please do not mind, I already told you that only your friend can say this to you” he continued.

“Ok,” I said and sat quietly.

“Hey, do not sit like this. Take the keys of my car and go to the basement where it is parked. You will find a bottle of Adiction deodorant in my car. Go and use it, everything will get change” he tried to prompt me.

After few minutes I returned to the club after applying Adiction deodorant on my body. I could feel the change in myself. A wave of confidence surrounded around my body.

As I entered, the same friend forcefully pushed me into the crowd on the dance floor.

I realized that he was right when he told me “Only your friend can tell you this.”

Since that night I always keep a bottle of addiction deodorant in my practice kit and I use it every single time after finishing my practice session because I know a bad smell can change people’s opinion about you.

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