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A Storyteller

Pledge To Live Your Adiction


Pledge To Live Your Adiction

My passion is writing stories and my addiction is telling my stories. Yes! You read it right, unlike others I wanted to be a storyteller since my childhood. I don’t remember exactly how I developed this taste for storytelling, but I always have had a deep interest in stories. My bookshelf is flooded with numerous story books along with the ones I have written.

One day while talking from the rostrum at the press release of my book, one young media enthusiast asked me my success story.

I had no idea of how to answer that guy, but I started…

“Success is going from failure to failure without losing the fervor. Losing my college presidential election taught me to be clearer about my plans, vision, and targets when urging others to get behind me. Getting cut from third round auditions two years in a row for a reality talent hunt show taught me that no matter what one should stay away from flatterers, they will lead you nowhere. Failing my Bachelor’s Chemistry exam taught me that you have to be always prepared to be successful because there is no shortcut to success. Being rejected from almost every digital marketer job I applied for, I was sure that planning and strategy are must to achieve the set mark. Losing the captaincy of my college football team taught me that being fit matters just as much as academics.

My failure story goes on and on, but when I look back at my failures, I realize that each passing event when I failed has made me stronger. It is essential to identify your strong points, but it becomes equally important to accept and learn from your shortcomings.

It will indeed be hard to face the fact that you’ve lost, but your failure story makes your success story even solid. I ensure that revisiting your failures will bruise your ego, but it will definitely strengthen you. Your failures tell your success story better than your achievements.”

It was a pin drop silence in the hall when I finished. The silence finally broke with the ripples created by the applause of the people present there.

While walking down to my car I was thinking, I would never let my addiction go waste. I might not be earning money like corporate or superstars, but surely I am carving a space in the hearts of people through my stories. People come and go but stories live forever and so does the writer.

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