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Positivity Is The Key To Confidence


Positivity Is The Key To Confidence

In the sphere of pumping iron, how your physique looks is directly proportional to the level of confidence you have. So many guys trying to build up muscles, walk out of the gym everyday feeling low because they aren’t as jacked as the others in the gym. Every day, their confidence takes a beating. While most quit half way, those who never let their confidence go downhill become champions. Nobody’s born jacked and each one of you can put on muscle easily. All it’s going to take is unstoppable confidence in you. So, next time you step into a gym, keep these points in mind.

  • Stop talking negative to yourself

Winners never talk negative. Respect your body and before cursing your physique, remember people who can’t walk, can’t even see or worse. Still, they are living their life.  It is all up to us and what we want to do with all that we have got.

  • Stay away from negative coaches & gym bros

The vibes that come from the coaches sets the future of an athlete. You need a better coach if your coach demoralizes you because of a failed weight lift. A negative coach can scar your confidence for life. Same goes for those ‘Gym Jacked Bros’ who are too full of themselves and always bring you down!

  • Always remember your failures.

Never forget your failures. Every failed set should be a bar for you, that you need to achieve next time. Every failed workout should set a dedicated session for you. Your failures are the fuel to success for your vehicle.

  • Do the lifts that scare you the most

Nobody is a complete lifter so forget about the lifts you are good at and concentrate on your weak lifts as well. Nurture your confidence with each nightmare lift.

  • Commitment

Commitment breeds confidence. Commit yourself completely to whatever program you chose. Be it weight loss or mass gain, just stick to it like your life depends on it.

It’s all fine if you don’t want to hit the gym. You can still be confident about yourself by being presentable. You just need to wear things according to your physique and you can still manage to look handsome. Never forget to wear your Adiction, a fragrance that compliments your personality.

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