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Pull Off a Shearling Jacket This Winter


Pull Off a Shearling Jacket This Winter

Winters are approaching and we are sure that you would love to stay cozy all winter long. Shearling jacket is something that you may need to keep you warm the whole season without even looking like a sheepherder.

If you wear Shearling jacket in a right way, it looks as badass as the perfect leather jacket. But, if you’re not careful, you could end up looking more like a sheepherder.

So, follow these super steps to nail the right look this winter:

  • Wear Real Shearling

Do not forget that originality says it all. Say YES only to the 100% shearling because fake shearling is not at all breathable and it looks cheap.

  • Try an Unexpected Color

A classic shearling will never go out of style, try to buy a shearling dyed in a dark hue like black, charcoal gray, or navy.

  • What to Wear With Your Shearling Jacket

Shearling jacket is something that automatically elevates your entire outfit.

“What you pair under it can be a little bit more casual. We would advise you to go for a high-quality T-shirt or a thin turtleneck against the high collar.

A big No to brown boots (or, worse, a brown hat) with a brown shearling jacket until you actually wants to look like a cowboy.

  • How to Take Care Of Your Shearling Jacket

If maintained, a shearling coat will last for decades and will look better with every wear.

Do not ever forget to treat your shearling jacket with a water-repellent spray before stepping out. Moisture can literally harm you jacket.

In case, it does get wet then air-dry it then brush out any water spots with a soft-bristle brush. High heat can destroy the fur so do not overdo the heat and dry process.

Dress well in shearling jacket and smell good with Adiction deodorant this winter! Happy winters!

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