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Raising Hands for Humanity


Raising Hands for Humanity

During the severe hot days of summer when the train coaches are packed with the stinky smell of sweat, people like me who wear Adiction deodorants can stand out in the crowd.

I travel to my kul-devta temple once a month by train to pray and ensure its being maintained. This incident happened last time on a monthly trip to my village. It was a hot summer’s day and everyone else was struggling for a bit of cool air in my coach, because suddenly the AC had broken down due to some technical issue. While we all were talking amongst ourselves about the pathetic situation, a pantry boy came to serve us food. To be very frank he was very crude and had no manners at all. Finally, he served me and my co-passenger who was quite old.

After he had finished serving everyone, my co-passenger called him and politely complained that he was fully vegetarian and he had been served non-veg by him. I was astonished by his rude reply to such a polite and justified complaint.

Everyone was just looking at this guy but no one spoke up against the wrong and I realized it was a now or never situation. For the first time ever in my life, I raised my voice against bad. I assertively asked the pantry boy to take the wrong order back with him, bring the right one and before anything else, apologize to the old man for his nasty behavior. Till today I have no idea why he didn’t reply rudely to me as well, but did exactly what I told him to do. Probably he realized his mistake. Everyone in the compartment started praising me for my good deed. What I did that day would have never happened if I had not raised my voice for the old man. The pantry guy would have messed with me as well.

Now, I am very sure about the fact that a strong personality certainly makes a big difference. Thanks to Adiction for boosting my confidence. I request everyone to raise their hands for good.

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