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Reasons To Buy A Full Pack Of Adiction Deodorant And Not Just A Single Bottle


Reasons To Buy A Full Pack Of Adiction Deodorant And Not Just A Single Bottle

Did you know that apart from making you smell good, there are some other ways that a deodorant can be useful for you?

Here are a few things you never knew your deodorant can do with ease.

Squeaky doors

How to get rid of the squeaky noise doors make every time you pull them? Just spray some deodorant and it will be fine because the aerosol fixes the squeaky hinges in no time.

Sensitive hair

Well, my friend gets very irritated by the never ending flow of sweat from his forehead during summers. This summer he got a fantastic solution to avoid head perspiration. He just applies some deodorant around the hairline and the base of neck to rock the summers just like winters.

Relieves itch

Mosquito bites and rashes leave us with terrible irritation sensation and we often fail to find the right ointment to relieve us of the irritation.

Here is the solution, just spray some deodorant onto the affected area and see the magic.

Alternative to after-shave lotion

We all know that after-shave is a must have thing after clean shave but it the bottle is empty today. What if it’s your interview today?

Spray some deodorant and forget about the after-shave for a while. It works almost similar actually. Thanks to the presence of ethyl alcohol in the deodorants. Which other deodorant can beat Adiction range of deodorant when it comes to strong fragrance so choose your favourite fragrance to drool this world on you?

Permanent marker stains

Don’t get me wrong on this but you can literally remove permanent marker stains from your desk, but knowing this hack doesn’t mean you do it intentionally. To save yourself just spray some deodorant on the desk and wipe it off with a paper towel.

Now, when you know the multiple uses of deodorants, buy a deodorant that fulfills all your needs, especially the primary function of getting rid of bad odour. Adiction is the best deodorant you can find in the market which boasts of a strong smell and lasts longer.


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