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She is the best thing that ever happened to me.


She is the best thing that ever happened to me.

Friendship, she always said!

Love, what I always heard!

Twelve years and counting, the bond seems to be eternal. Knowing her from the 1st grade and now studying in the same college. We know each other better than we know ourselves. Well, every passing day the love for her increases, and I still try to figure out, how she can’t feel the same. However, the virtue still awaits and I know that someday she will feel the same. While scripting my feelings, I had her in front of my eyes and she seemed much prettier as I wrote the remaining lines.

Her birthday was approaching and I was the one who was more excited. For the past two months, she had been whining about going to an exotic location. Somewhere far from the city and a paradise for those who are searching for serenity. Getting reservations done in her favorite place, then a long ride in the woods, seemed the best possible gift I could give her.

Well, finally the day arrived and as usual, it was me who had to pick her up from her place. I got my best casuals on, gelled up my hair and covered myself with Adiction extra strong deodorant for its strong smell and long lasting impact. On the way, I bought a bouquet full of roses and headed towards her place. Doing all these made me feel much better and confident about myself. Soon I was at her place and just like the other guys, she too made me wait. Although I’m not the kind of guy who enjoys waiting, but waiting for her is something, I’ll never complain.

Finally, she showed up in her prettiest avatar, making me skip a heartbeat. After greeting me with a warm hug, she asked me to hurry up. She was well aware of the plan and she demanded not to waste a single minute. Obeying her orders, I quickly gave her the bouquet and straightaway headed towards the destination. On the way, we stopped for a small brunch and then quickly got back on the wheels.

After driving for a couple of hours, we reached our destination. Reaching the desired spot, we agreed to halt and feel the ambiance. While she was busy gazing the nature and admiring the scenery, I softly sneaked back and went to the car. Reaching the car, I got two bottles of beer pints, lit the candles and placed it carefully on the cake. Softly, I went and stood behind her and asked her to turn. She was full of delight and thanked me a ton for making it so memorable for her.

Sitting on the pebbled bank, with her head rested on my shoulders and sipping beer from the bottle, we could feel the silence. We were not that far from human civilization, yet this place had succumbed itself to its own isolation. It was a great experience, just two of us. Time passed slowly, and we started getting a little cozy. After an hour of sitting and talking, she suggested us to return back to the city. Traces of dusk had already appeared in the blue skies and it got a little darker. On the way back, our minds were fully relaxed.

I finally expressed my love for her, to which she replied with a peck on my left cheek. This is the way how it began. It was her birthday, but I was the one truly gifted.

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