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Some Habits Are Just Too Hard To Resist


Some Habits Are Just Too Hard To Resist

I wasn’t aware of my problem till one of my close friends brought it to my notice. He asked me several questions about my lifestyle and tried to find out the cause of the issue, however diverting the topic he asked me for a favor. He asked me if he can stay at my place for some days, to which I could not say no.

Actually, lately, somehow I have developed a habit of not taking bath regularly because of heavy workload and my laziness.

For the first two days, it was all fine with him but soon he started behaving weirdly. He actually boycotted me in every way he could and taunted me for my dirty habit. I could not take it for long and finally confronted him regarding his rude behavior towards me. He calmly sat down beside me and explained “I am your best friend and it is the only thing that is stopping me from leaving you alone. I care for you brother and it is high time that you start taking your problem seriously else you will be all alone in this world. Foul smell really turns off people and they tend to ignore you any way possible.”

I understood what he meant and began taking bath regularly, wearing properly ironed clothes, polished shoes, a strong and long lasting deodorant like Adiction so that I become cautious of my presence and hesitate twice before avoiding the shower.

Things did change positively and I got my social circle back. My friend came like an angel in my life and helped me out of this serious ugly habit. He didn’t stay long at my place once he saw improvement in me.

It was hard to resist the feeling of avoiding bath in winters but I did it.

Some addictions are really hard to resist while there is an Adiction that I am addicted to now.

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