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Adiction deodorant

That Bottle Of Adiction!


That Bottle Of Adiction!

Addictions tend to change over time and there is no limit to the number of addictions one can have. Habits, hobbies, and addictions are three different things and I believe addictions are the best performers. Your addictions can actually take you high or really low depending on the nature of the addiction one has for something.

I have seen both levels of life, one when I was low and the one when I was on peak. You never know what might inspire you and when. Addictions just tend to change instantly just like the changing weather of the Himalayas.

I saw the lowest point of my life last year when I was totally into drugs, parties, and alcohol. I had no aim and hence my addictions grew on me taking me to the saddest part of my life. But, as I told you things can change anytime and anywhere.

Once I attended one rave party and while I was wasted, I made some friends over there. I don’t know how I got to their place but when I woke up in the morning I found myself at a new place and saw one stick-on for me sticking on the Adiction deodorant bottle. It read “see me at the beach as soon as possible and please wear strong Adiction deodorant, you smell really bad.”

I sprayed some of the deodorant on my body and left for the beach. There I met the new addiction of my life. The lady who left that stick-on for me was one renowned fashion industrialist. She offered me to sign a contract with her company as their lead male model. And, trust me, I live a healthy life now. After all, I have my shoot next month. She gave me an aim to live and work for passionately. My addiction is to be the best male model now and nothing else.

That Adiction bottle is my friend for life now.

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