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The Best Match of My Life


The Best Match of My Life

During schooldays, I was listed among the best sportspersons in my class. I had a great interest in playing cricket, hockey and basketball. Being a leading player, I was the captain of our school cricket team. Due to my interest in various sports, I spent most of my time in the playground. I loved playing but felt embarrassed on noticing the yellow patches on my shirt due to sweat. While playing, I didn’t pay attention to the excess of sweat.

Later, I realized that my friends ignored me because of the stinking smell. Even after playing well, I was completely ignored by my friends. I felt ashamed of my body odor and tried various colognes to avoid that stinking smell. My brother could understand my situation and he bought an Adiction deodorant for me. Next day, before going for the match, I used the deodorant. I was surprised that even in evening my body odor was normal.

Adiction works for long hours which gave me the confidence to stay out without bothering about my body odor. After cricket match, we went to a birthday party, where I was appreciated by one of my friends for a soothing fragrance of the deodorant. Moreover, I was happy to notice that my friends enjoyed my company.

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