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First date

The day when you first met her


The day when you first met her

Rushing up and down, the house is filled with hysteria. Everybody is getting dressed to look the best, but what’s more important is the way you are going to groom for the day. Of course, it is your wedding that would happen in the near future and your parents being very happy for you, agreed to meet the lady of your parent’s choice.

First family meeting it would be, the suit is perfect, tie in best form and the shiny shoes adding to your charm and enhancing your personality. Standing in front of the mirror, blushing is evident, but something is missing. Can you feel it, are you able to sense it. Oh Man!! You almost forgot to wear a mask of fragrance. Yes, you have to wear it. Every minute you spent in getting ready would go in vain if you would stink. Before anything could begin, the dream of having your family would be shattered with your house blown away in the strong tornado of bad smell of sweat. No matter how good you look, but the evil bacteria of bad smell will send a poor impression.

True, the focus should be on how good you are dressed, but what’s more important is how good you smell, emphasis should be on to smell nice and not smell loud. So you are about to begin a new life, start it with the freshness of enchanting fragrance.

Image courtesy: loveorcrush.

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