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The first day of college


The first day of college

There it comes, a new phase of life. You worked hard to see and enjoy this moment. Altogether you are happy and excited. You bought loads of clothes, with an aim to make a fashion statement, even your wallet teased you with an empty face. Still, the happiness has no bounds for you. Life is full of crazy stuff and you will soon be walking on the streets with a brand new smile. And finally, the day came.

The morning rush saw anxiety, excitement altogether in one package. You are dressing up trying to flaunt the best of style, and you don’t want to get late on the first day of the college. You have to be on time, for the orientation missed will cause you to lose a lot. In a hush to reach faster, you forgot to wear fragrance. The college gate stands in front of you with a whiff, your mood is spoiled with the best. You are in no position, but to enter and face the entire fresh union of students, especially the girls. Suddenly, you realize that the magical concoction of your deodorant is in your bag.

By just investing 10 seconds, you saved a lot of people from the bad smell of sweat and moreover created an impression that made you to the fame and landed you in the lap of girls, under the sky of utmost delight.

Image Courtesy: antaressolutions.

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