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Fragrance of desire

The Fragrance of Desire


The Fragrance of Desire

Never take your nose for granted, says Rachel Herz in her book “The Scent of Desire”. Filled with fascinating bits of information, the book states how much our emotional well-being depends on our ability to smell.

It is rightly said that fragrances evoke emotional responses. A survey says that many of our olfactory likes and dislikes depend on emotional associations. That means our olfactory receptors are directly connected to our limbic system.

Researchers also say that smell was the first sense that evolved. The sense of smell is located in the same part of the brain that processes motivation, emotions and memory. Our emotional and sexual lives are profoundly interpreted by the power of smell. It clearly means that the fragrance plays a significant role in our lives.

The sense of smell do wonders in an engaging and persuasive manner. From emotions and memories to aromatherapies and pheromones, it’s all about the curiosity and the secrets of both mind and the body. The fragrance of desire fascinates our most neglected sense which is “the sense of smell”.

Somebody has truly said that “A successful fragrance is one in which the formula is as beautiful as the fragrance…One that makes the woman wearing it smile and awakens desire in a man!”

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