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The Fragrance of Present and Past: Smell Carries Memories


The Fragrance of Present and Past: Smell Carries Memories

One fine morning, I saw my brain nodes stimulating in pleasure, broke my slumber only to sense the ecstatic fragrance. The fragrance sent me in a state of nostalgia. Emotions ravishingly excited each part inside.

It was like I revived the lost love. It had rained after long, months had passed and the smell of wet sand was missing. The rain bought cheerful memories of the past, the fresh feel of aromatic extravaganza sank my heart and I flew to the times of cheer and delight. Blurry vision saw me sitting and feeling the good vibes of cold wind under the cloudy sky. The first drop of seasonal rain soared and refreshed the nasal cavity, building up the memories of the best rain dances and swimming in the collected water in the pits of the park.

The after rain effect that used to celebrate the happy mood with loads of pakoras and hot tea, exhilarates me. Love blossomed and revived the lost life in flowers. Nature extended its heartiest warmth with a big smile of the green effect. Damn, I am hungry. The gases in the stomach are asking more than required, with just a smell of sand. The fragrance of present and past rejoiced the lost memories.

Well, who says smell never carries the memories. Smell indeed has powers.

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