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Fragrance matters

The Power of Perception


The Power of Perception

There is no better reason to smell better than the importance of smelling good. We are what we smell of. If we smell good, it reflects the freshness of our inner soul and the goodness that we bear inside us. But when we smell bad, people feel negative vibes coming out of us.

Pheromones, or the chemical messengers result in people feeling attracted towards each other. They trigger physical and sexual attractions as well as deep love and empathy. This can be subconsciously spotted using various avenues that include our nose!

Now, when we talk of the impact that the scent we wear has, it affects the moods and feelings of those around us. Fragrances like eucalyptus, menthol and camphor enkindle empathy in the ones coming in contact with you.

Similarly, some particular scents can alter the perception of one’s physical image too. Want to take off a few pounds in minutes? Apply floral and/or spicy scents which are perceived to be 12 pounds lighter.

So, the next time you put on your best clothes, take those extra seconds to apply a great scent for it to work wonders for you.

Image Courtesy: higherperspectives

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