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The Power of Smell!


The Power of Smell!

It starts with her beauty when I saw her, moves to her scent in my nose, then how her soft skin feels against my lips and fingers. So intoxicating!

Believe it or not but we all have an incredible talent for discerning fragrances, like Jean-Baptiste Grenouille in perfume who got extra power to discriminate body odors. His superior power and greed for smells victimized 24 beautiful virgin girls!

Smells can mesmerize you, gets to an extent where woman’s menstrual cycle, puberty and even sexual orientation is influenced! Here I am not talking about the artificial fragrances but your own body smell. Scientists even say that your body fragrance can be more influential than that of your appearance.

We are empowered with this talent since birth. The scent a baby smells from the first moment of breastfeeding and recognizes her mother. Similarly the scent of her baby since he/she is born keeps mother emotionally attached to her child. This is not only a link between mother and baby, but with everyone we are close to.

Have you ever come across a situation where someone with a unique fragrance has fascinated you? With me, so many times! I simply cannot resist those beautiful fragrances that mesmerize me. I still remember the day when I met my boyfriend. Something attracted me. We met in a restaurant and his irresistible fragrance (O god! Thinking of that moment still makes me crazy!!!). His cute face in my eyes, his fragrance in my nose, his skin against my lips and that intoxicating environment (Still gives me goose bumps).

Enhance your personality with tempting fragrances. There is wide variety of fragrances available in the market. But know your fragrance that defines you and your personality. There is seductive synergy of aromatic notes from white pepper to armoise embodied birch leaf. You must know if you are an ocean breeze or a pine forest!!!

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