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The tougher it gets, the harder I punch


The tougher it gets, the harder I punch

Am I too old to box? Am I not genetically gifted enough? Are my reflexes too slow? Do I have what it takes? Am I too weak for boxing? Shall I retire from boxing now? Were some of the questions that kept hovering in my head constantly after I lost a boxing match against a weak opponent.

I always dreamt of becoming a professional wrestler since my childhood. My burning passion and adiction kept my love for boxing alive. It took me long to reach this level of boxing. I lost a lot to achieve what I wanted, I worked hard for my only love.

Certainly, there comes a time when we lose our faith in our capabilities, we start believing in the strongeness of others than to rectify our own weaknesses. There is no place for weak people in boxing.

Continuous defeats made me lose faith in me, I began thinking about giving up my love of life- Boxing. My father was my biggest supporter, my biggest fan, and a firm believer. Unfailingly he came forward to pump me up, I could see my success in his old but hopeful eyes. He walked up to me and said just one sentence “God help those who help themselves”. These words seem so simple to understand but have a real deep meaning embedded inside. Father’s support filled me with enthusiasm and confidence. I began believing in me once again. I planned properly and prepared thoroughly for my coming fight and won it. Some say I moved like thunder in the ring, I was positive and invincible that night.

I got my identity back, I was a fighter, I am a fighter and I will remain a fighter. Boxing runs in my blood and can never be extracted out of me. A star was dying, but few words saved him. Passion and adiction need to be tamed because a tamed horse always runs on track and eventually comes out, victorious. I am a boxer and I will never give up.

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