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Trip to Delhi in Summer


Trip to Delhi in Summer

During summer holidays, I went to my cousin’s home in Delhi. We planned our schedule a month before and were all set to have fun. As it was the first time I was visiting the city, I wished to explore all the historical monuments and other tourist places. We preferred the local bus to travel to different destinations. While walking in sun, I was sweating like anything.

Due to the sweat, I felt uncomfortable in traveling with others. I could very well notice the yellow patches on my shirt caused due to excess of sweat. Moreover, the stinking smell made the situation more complex. I felt ashamed while standing with girls in the bus. I hesitated in raising my arms as I did not want anyone to notice the sweat patches.

While returning home, my cousin advised me to buy Adiction deodorant. Next day before going out, I used the deodorant. I was happy to see the results that even after few hours, there were no sweat patches. Moreover, I could smell the refreshing fragrance from my shirt. Adiction gave me the confidence to stand near girls. While returning home, I saw few girls standing next to me on the bus, wondering what deodorant I used.

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