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Use Adiction Deodorant and Stay Fresh


Use Adiction Deodorant and Stay Fresh

The rising temperature in summers triggers the sweat gland to produce sweat and as a result, body odor. I really hate summers for this reason. To avoid that stinking smell, I prefer to use strong deodorants. Especially, when I am in public, I don’t want others to recognize me due to my bad body odor. I always carry a deodorant bottle with me so that I can use it whenever required. At times, even after using deodorant, I felt embarrassed due to my bad body odor.

One day I went to my friend’s home and saw him using Adiction deodorant. Throughout the day, he was with me and I could smell the fragrance. While returning home, I bought the same deodorant bottle. From next day, I started using Adiction deodorant and noticed that my body odor was masked. This gave me the confidence to move freely in public. Now, I do not hesitate in being a part of social groups.

Last Saturday, I went to watch an IPL match with my friends. Some girls were sitting next to me in the stadium. I did not hesitate in sitting with them as I smelled great. The refreshing fragrance of the deodorant allows me to remain fresh for long hours. Throughout the match, I enjoyed myself and cheered for my team. I did not even bother while raising my hands and clapping for my team. In fact one of the girls complimented me for my deodorant which really made my day.

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