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Waves Of Change


Waves Of Change

Moon was full but my life was dark. A cool breeze passed by me forcing my long curly hair to move while I was sitting alone on the sea side’s black rock. That sound of waves was like a ringing bell alarming me each time I heard them rushing to the shore. It was the time when everyone was sleeping and here I was awake thinking about my future, my past, and my decisions.

I travelled alone here and wished to be alone till I prepare myself properly to get back to the hustle and bustle of life which was demanding some sacrifices, some passion, and some hard work. With each passing wave, I was preparing myself for the tough life ahead. I was not living my way. It was always about others and their lives.

It was sunrise while I was still there sitting silently but talking to myself. The morning sun was the witness of the vows I took that day. Indulged in my thoughts I began walking back to my shack. I pulled over my favourite cotton shirt, prepared my traveling bag, sprayed my long lasting Adiction deodorant and left the place to begin my new life. Sun was little brighter now and so was my life. The heat of the sun reminded me of my decisions I took last night.

It was time to never look back. It was time to not to take rest. It was time to live my life my way.

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