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Your Guide To Choose Your Collars


Your Guide To Choose Your Collars

You and your friend wore the same type of suit but he took away all the attention from the guests in the party. Ever wondered, why?

It has nothing to do with your suit actually. The real reason was that his collars were on point. Collared shirts might all be the same to the untrained eyes, but knowing the specifics of each is the mark of a truly handsome and smart guy.

Here’s your guide to the 9 collars every man should know about:


Point collar is also known as the traditional collar. The flaps won’t hold their tight shape if you would not wear a tie with it. It is mainly worn at weddings and business meetings.


Spread collar point outward at about a 45-degree angle instead of down. It can be dressed up with a tie or without it. So, this is a must have thing in your wardrobe.


What makes it more dynamic is the short distance between the collar points than a full spread. Take semi-spread collar as your business casual shirt. It can be dressed up with a full Windsor, or down with no tie.


Cutaway collars look like someone actually stripped away part of the fabric. The shape is more rounded than a spread collar and there’s a huge spread in between collar points.

You should wear a tie with this one reflecting the widespread. We recommend you to go for a full Windsor here.


The button-down is thrown around a lot when it comes to casual shirts with buttons, but the name actually refers to the collar, not the placket. It has a button and buttonhole at the tips of the collar points.

It’s generally more casual, and you can wear it with or without a tie. If you’re going the tie route, mimic the casualness of the top with a laidback knit tie with a four-in-hand or half Windsor.


A club collar has round collar points and has a boarding school or country club vibe to it.

It’s trendy, and it looks really cool under a casual blazer. No tie needed, but if you do sport one, try a half-Windsor with a collar bar.


This is the most common collar on a shirt you’d wear without a tie—like a flannel, chambray, or oxford.

Casual fabrics give it a workwear vibe. You don’t need a tie here, but dressing it up with one looks sharp and unexpected.


Often known as Mandarin collars, band collars are another fashionable choice. They’re eye-catching and they’re simple to pull off.

Stick to a neutral colour, and it’ll pair well either with dark denim or a sharp suit—and whatever you do, do not wear a tie with it.


Experimenting is a big NO-NO here. Wing collar should only be paired with a tuxedo and a bow tie. Instead of points, the collar tips sit flat like wings.

A good suit or a perfect collar type is not all that it takes to look impeccable. Always wear matching shoes and put on a strong smelling deodorant like Adiction to keep you distinct. Let your fragrance be your signature.

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