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Your Wallet Is Your Walk Towards Perfection


Your Wallet Is Your Walk Towards Perfection

Just imagine a handsome man walking wearing classy clothes, matching branded shoes, stylish watch, and super strong Adiction deodorant his wallet ruins every impression as soon as he takes it out.

We men often miss out on a defining accessory – the wallet. No one denies the fact that men are expected to reach out to the pocket and take out their wallet to pay the bills; however, it really doesn’t matter if a lady shares the bill later on.

Handsome guys, beware! Do ensure that your wallet doesn’t let down your impression in front of anyone. Always carry a wallet in mint condition, and try to keep it as stylish as your personality.

So, here we are sharing some rules to keep you up to date.

  • Size- Avoid carrying oversized wallets. Throw away every single thing out that you don’t need in your wallet. A protruding overfed wallet looks really bad.
  • Options- Always choose your wallet according to your style. You have got a lot of options available from good quality leather to exotic skin prints and chic canvas trims. Those in the corporate sector need to go for the classic blacks and browns. Otherwise, little funk is no harm for those in other fields
  • Quality- One should go for a good quality leather wallet. Do not shy away from investing in brands because they have a good one-two year life and perfect finish.
  • Features- There is a full range of new wallets in the market that provides slots for SIM cards and memory. Apart from the green notes, we need to have a slot from which coins won’t fall, and don’t tinker. It is a world of plastic money today and we often carry multiple cards, however, it is advised not to keep all cards stacked together in one section as the friction and heat can easily damage them. So, make sure to pick up a wallet, which has enough sections to carry multiple cards.

Never forget that the way to a woman’s heart is through your deportment. So, embrace a good quality wallet soon to be a perfect handsome gentleman.

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