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Friend Advised Me to Use Deodorant

During the first year of my college, I tried to make a lot of friends. Only my roommates were my close friends. Not only a room, we shared our books, clothes, sweets, and accessories too. I noticed that both of my roommates had a number of friends and even girls were close to them. All […]

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College students

Deodorant Helped Me to Become Friends with My Classmates

College days are the best as they are filled with lots of fun. During this phase, friends are an essential part of one’s life. They are the buddies with whom you can share all your ups and downs. Especially in these days, it is a matter of pride to increase the number of friends on […]

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Adiction Deodorant is Widely Preferred for its Fragrance

Sweating and bad body odor has always been a problem for everyone, especially youngsters. In this age, there is nothing more troublesome than stinking body odor. A body can sweat and stink at any point of time. This is not under one’s control and might irritate the people around. Sweating can also be a hereditary […]

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Use Adiction Deodorant and Go Social

As I entered my early 20s, I felt it was time for me to groom my personality. I always updated my wardrobe with the latest collection in the market. It was my desire to look best and be the center of attraction among girls in my class. To look best, I tried various products for […]

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Wear Deodorant and Enjoy Your Day

Do you lead an active lifestyle in a warm, humid climate? Is that the reason behind your excessive sweating? Does that cause sweat stains on your clothes? Does your body odor also turn bad due to sweat? If yes is the answer to all the questions, read on to know about the solution. Most of […]

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Deodorants Indeed have a Good Effect on the Senses

Everyone has a love story that begins during college days. Most of the boys tend to impress girls through gifts and compliments. Some are blessed with smart looks and they become the center of attraction wherever they go. On the other hand, average looking boys have to struggle really hard to become friends with girls. […]

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Don’t Shake Your Confidence because of Bad Body Odor

Most of us get irritated by the mere sight of excessive perspiration. Only the people suffering from sweat problem can understand this issue. The wet spots under the arms and the odor make it necessary to use a deodorant. At any age, this can be a disgusting situation for anyone and at any time. The […]

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Choose Adiction Deodorant for Best Results

Based on the sweating habits, different people require various deodorant brands. If you sweat profusely, an antiperspirant will give some comfort. In case, you do not sweat but produce a bad body odor, you require a deodorant. The fragrance of the deodorant reduces the sweat and improves the body odor. With a very strong and […]

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Do not Forget Adiction on Your First Date

Planning for your first date can surely give you goosebumps. As it is said “first impression is the last impression”, give it your best shot. Dress up in style and let others feel jealous. Choose the dress and color that suit you the best. Besides this, do not forget to use the deodorant that provides […]

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Young Man with Deodorant

Test the Fragrance before Selecting Your Deodorant

Sweating is a process that regulates our body temperature. It helps in cooling down, especially after engaging in physical activities when the temperature goes high. It is noticed that our armpits have a rich network of sweat glands that amounts to between 25,000 and 50,000. On an average, a human body produces one litre of […]

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