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My eyes- My vision, My heart- My Soul


My eyes- My vision, My heart- My Soul

I often wonder that what might be the reason that I am born as a human. And you know what, I have figured it out. For me, travel is the objective of my life among those who believe in karma.

Do you want to know life? If YES, then travel. After covering almost one-fourth of the countries on the earth, I could finally understand LIFE. Let’s not advocate travel and its advantages or disadvantages; we just need to feel it.

For example, finding yourself at the unending Sahara desert of Africa in the dark and staring at the sky full of stars or a romantic walk on the beaches of Bora Bora with the refreshing breeze can make you feel on the top of the world. Similarly, a road trip with your best pals to Laddakh is astounding enough to drive you crazy and take you away from the hassle of dealing with the clients or customers at your workplace.

In case, you are fed up of having that daily Dal Chawal stuff, then mark my words, just pack your bags and fly out of the boundations and taste the original desi cuisine to cool your hunger. Aaloo momos of Mc’Leodganj, Rajasthani Laal Maans, and Odiya Pokkhaal are enough to bring your soul back.

Instead of having a mug of coffee in hand and pile of files on the table, I would love to have one personal scrapbook tagged with numerous travel tickets and snaps of my visited destinations. At least, I will have some stories for my grandchildren to say.

So guys, just pack your bags, get out of your body and let your soul live.

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