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Wish I Could Live On A Bike


Wish I Could Live On A Bike

Some people ride to live, but some people live to ride. The fanatical love for the biking never dies. If four wheels move your body, then two wheels will move your soul. Just ask any biker, this is the kind of zeal and thrill that every enthusiast biker experience.

Much of the delight, as well as the danger of biking is out there. There are no seat belts and no air bags! They hate the steel cages that carry the passengers. There are no blind spots like cars while you are riding a bike. The bike is known for realizing the real and pure feeling of the surrounding! They say, “If you want to know the city, Ride-not drive”

Bikers love to fly high like a free bird, rejuvenating themselves, with every voyage for an aesthetic driving pleasure.

Biking causes the releases of a sort of feel-good hormone in our body. It takes the stress out of me and revives me every time I go on an expedition! Biker loves his bike just like his lover. It is cared as much as a loving living being.

Some wonderful machines inspire you and fortify your spirit. Such is the aspiration any biker holds for his machine.

The experience of riding is always memorable for the enthusiastic biker. You go on for a long marine drive or choose to climb the highest Himalayan range- bike ride never lets you down. A real biker always promotes safe biking. The helmet is as essential for a biker as the Adiction deodorant is for a gentleman.

Biking is a passion! Biking is a hobby!

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