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Your 5 Adiction Travel Tips

If you dream big and wish to travel around the world then this article is for you. They say “Travel expands the limits of our imagination,” and this is quite true in a way.

I am a traveller by profession and I have visited places more than most of the people on this earth have travelled. And, actually, I have learned a lot by travelling.

Travel is a fascinating word and just by listening to it most of us feel an urge to pack our bags instantly and move out. But, let me tell you if you are seriously into this then you need to know some of the basics of travelling else it will be a nightmare for you.

Here are my 5 chosen tips to those who want to explore this world:

  1. Research

It is better to know about the place beforehand than to suffer later. Research about the place you intend to visit and pack your bags accordingly. For example, in case you are moving to Canada then take warm clothes with you but if it is Madagascar then pick up cotton clothes and a long lasting deodorant like Adiction.

  1. To-Do list

Prepare a to-do list so that you never miss out on the essentials. You might have no idea what that essential item going to cost you in a foreign land so be careful and avoid holes in your pocket.

  1. Communication

Talk to your network service provider about the international roaming data plans and pick the right one for you to avoid paying a hefty amount as your bill when you return back home. Keep all the emergency numbers at 2-3 different places so that you can contact your dear ones to help you in case you lose your documents, wallet, bag etc.

  1. Plan your vacation

Never leave home without planning your schedule and booking your flights or hotels in advance. An unplanned traveling is nothing but a sheer waste of time so be kind to yourself and plan.

  1. Money matters

Make sure you have money in different bags or pockets to save you in case you lose some amount somewhere accidently, you will still have money to make you comfortable. Always carry currency of the place where you are travelling to and the place you belong to. You might need cash if your card stops working somewhere or is not accepted.

“Take Vacations because you can always make money but you can’t always make memories.”

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